Privacy policy

Pamirot E-Handel AB organization number: 559213–7151 is responsible for the processing of your personal data. We take responsibility for your personal information and try to protect it in the best possible way. We comply with all applicable rules and laws for personal data. This article explains what information we collect and why, as well as how we will process customers’ personal information. Here is how we collect, process, store, distribute or protect personal data and what rights a customer has regarding their personal data.

When a person orders a product / service on our website, we need their personal information to be able to handle and deliver the product / service. Therefore, we recommend that everyone who uses our website read our privacy policy and access the content. About how we use cookies, you can find out here.

What kind of personal information we use and how we collect Them

When using our website, we collect personal information. The type of personal data involved depends on what product / service we offer you. Generally, it comprises:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact information, including mobile number and e-mail address
  • Username and password on the My Account service
  • All information linked to our ads and offers
  • IP address

The collection takes place when the customer buys something from us and / or wants to contact us via customer service (e-mail, telephone) or via Cookies.

Why we collect personal information

We need personal information to be able to supplement a purchase agreement, to be able to perform certain services offered, in order to be able to comply with laws on eg. returns and complaints or if a customer makes an interest statement to stay up to date with our new products or want to monitor a product. By gathering a certain amount of information, we can analyze the interest and taste of our customers in order to be able to improve the supply eg. order history, age, and more.

How we store personal data

We do our best to process and store your personal information. Our customers’ personal data is not stored for more than two years or until we can execute the purchase agreement. If a customer registers with us to keep up to date, his e-mail address is stored with us until he de-register from the service. If a customer contacts our customer service, we will save their relevant personal information in order to be able to follow up the customer’s case until the case is completed. We may also save certain personal data to enforce / comply with the requirements of the law. We can also use the customer’s contact information eg. e-mail address, to market our products two years after the customer has shopped with us on condition that he did not give you away.

If we do not have a reasonable reason to process a customer’s personal data or if a customer no longer wants us to process his personal data, we will delete it.

Handing over personal data to others

If Pamirot is sold / transferred to someone else, we can provide the information to the new owner. We may also distribute personal data to be able to apply laws or to prevent fraud etc.

What rights the customer has

If the customer wants, he can request information from us about his personal data with us and this is done completely free of charge. When contacting us, the customer needs to identify himself / herself because we want to protect the customer’s personal data. The customer also has the right to request from us that we delete his personal data. We will immediately delete personal data that is no longer necessary. The customer may also request from us to limit the processing of personal data.


  • We want to make sure that your personal data is processed properly with us. That is why we are taking steps to achieve this goal.
  • More information about Cookies can be found here.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy at any time. We publish the changes on the website. We recommend our customers to read the privacy policy to view the content and any changes.
  • For any questions regarding the privacy policy, customers can contact customer service. Contact information can be found here.